Le Château

Plant Garden Natural History Museum

You can enjoy the 20 000 m² plant garden of the Natural History Museum. With its rare trees
and botanical greenhouses playground stream and lawns it is an ideal place to sit around alone
with family or some friends.

Created in 1782 in Grenoble, the plant garden is located between Haxo and Chanrion street.
Covering an area of 21,597 m² overall, it is made of two distinct parts separated by a small
waterway. The western part reflects the structured organization and the geometrical alleys
typical of french gardens (jardin à la française). The eastern part evokes the romantic garden
of the 18th century. You may find there some majestic species of hundred-year-old trees and
magnificent rocks. Further on you will find the rose garden, a 300 m² botanical greenhouse
with wonderful exotic plants, as well as a 700 m² winter garden.

Useful information:
1 Rue Dolomieu, 38000 Grenoble, tél. 04 76 44 05 35